Head Coach - Patrick Corbett

Who are we?

Siafu is a U15 girls travel team based out of Howard County with girls from Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, and Carrol County. The team trains three times a week, year round, and will compete in the Region 1 Colonial League (Spring 2014), Super Y League (Summer 2014), and many of the top tournaments in the country. Our club website is below -

Thunder Soccer Club SIAFU

What is a SIAFU?

Well a SIAFU is a type of driver/safari ant of the group army ants primarily found in Africa. Why did we choose to name the team after an ant? Great question. One of the original founding coaches liked the idea of how these colonies of ants work.

You see, the worker ants (the ones that get the job done) are all females (no surprise to our soccer Moms!) and are blind. In order to get the job done, they must communicate and work together. Additionally, they are extremely loyal to their colony and when attacked, they fiercely defend themselves forming organized positions based upon their individual qualities and characteristics to achieve their goal - win!

The characteristics of these ants represent the type of player we want and develop on the team - loyal, a fierce soccer player and the qualities and characteristics of a driven individual.

You can read more here about our team inspiration.

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